a couple of good old-fashioned books

As a bibliophile, I have long resisted the pizzaz of e-books, Kindles, and iPads. 

The times though are a changin’. It started with a Kindle, a thoughtful gift from my lovely husband before a long-haul flight.  Ahhh, I thought at the time, this is great, all these books, on tap, without breaking my baggage allowance!  Not to mention, that clever e-ink to make the whole reading gig easier on my eyes.  

Though, Kindles will never replace old-fashioned paper books.

Then, I became the proud of an iPad (yes in this case I was most definitely a late adopter or a sheep depending on how fancy you get with titles).  How I love that iPad!  Its sleek design, its user-friendly functionality (brilliant form and function – hallmarks of fab design). 

Though, Kindles will never replace old-fashioned paper books.

This was all until I found a new hybrid.  The one that has captivated me is Mr Sandman, a sumptuous feast of gorgeous design, clever app, e-book and delightfully entertaining all round. 

Since finding  Mr Sandman, I have started to doubt my resolve.  Will these new clever app/e-book/entertaining game hybrids replace a good old-fashioned book?

Now I am not so sure… what do you think?

Enjoy xx


Your thoughts?

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