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Fab print (available here

Fab print (available here

Last week I got a fantastic piece of advice from a lecturer.

It went like this…

Most people, tend to put things off because they don’t think they can get the job done, or are worried that when they are done, what they have created will be poorly made/ crafted/ be a little bit rubbish.

His advice, just get into it. Prepare well for what you are about to do.

Then role up your sleeves and get stuck in.

Simple as that!

Chances are that what you make, create, write or do will be just fine.  It may even be brilliant! You won’t know though if you never get started.

Though it doesn’t feel that way does it.

Sometimes, we put things off for a whole bunch of reasons, kids, illness, life getting in the way.

Sometimes though, we just need to roll up our sleeves and get stuck in.

What are you putting off?

Enjoy xx

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The view from my lovely cousins wedding last weekend!

The view from my lovely cousins wedding last weekend!

Wowsers!  All of a sudden, it is April!

Between moving house, finishing up at my day job, sewing + creating for my Etsy store, studying and the kids school/sport/swimming/stuff the year has flown by!

So I thought it was a good time to follow the lead of the ever lovely and caressive Pip Lincolne and take stock…


Making : some new cushion covers (can’t find any that I like!)

Cooking : Taco Tuesday! One of our fave family dinner nights

Drinking : a giant takeaway coffee (with a freckle on top)

Reading: Educational Psychology and Country Style

Wanting: to get the markets…soon!

Looking: for a new novel to read…suggestions?

Playing: Monopoly…today with my 5 year old

Deciding: whether to sew or study today…decisions, decisions!

Wishing: Mum and Dad’s farm was closer – weekends visits!

Enjoying: settling into our new house

Waiting: for Uni results…

Liking: the kids discovering the books I loved as a kid

Wondering: how to create some capes (a la Little Red Riding Hood for winter)

Loving: Corduroy + seeing my gorgeous cousin tie the knot!  Congrats lovely!

Pondering: whether to cut my hair…again

Considering: Buying new winter boots…or not!

Buying: Office-type stuff, new whizz bang, printer/copier/fax?

Watching: Not a lot! Too much studying/sewing!

Hoping: to sleep in this weekend

Marveling: at my 8 year olds ability to dance anywhere

Cringing: at the criticism leveled at normal women’s bodies

Needing: another giant coffee or tea!

Questioning: my decision to give my littlest one a year off from ballet, she is itching to go back!

Smelling: the delicious Glasshouse Montego Bay fragrance in our house

Wearing: super comfy jeans, red H&M jumper and RM boots

Following: the media targeting teachers…again.

Noticing: how tall the kids are getting! Or am I shrinking?

Knowing: I will get through this giant study load.

Thinking: about a road trip in October

Admiring: my husbands ability to relax

Sorting: the house (the move was crazy/ hectic)

Getting: back on top of sewing super cut dresses

Bookmarking: blogs – a lot! Ready for mid-year break

Coveting: Bohemian Traders anything

Disliking: Grumpiness (mainly from me!)

Opening: another textbook (and secretly loving it!!)

Giggling: at Jon Snow’s awkward dinner party

Feeling: determined to get through Uni and find time with family

Snacking: wholemeal toast + crunchy peanut butter

Wishing: My sisters were closer too!

Helping: my kids organise holiday playdates

Hearing: the sounds of Adventure Time from the loungeroom

It’s such a fab thing to do to think about how your world if going…why don’t you take some time and take stock too!

Enjoy xx

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