The tribe enjoying the great outdoors

For me, with every birthday comes a little bit of soul-searching. One of the notions I contemplate is wisdom. Like happiness, wisdom seems to be all pervasive. A nebulous notion that we associate with spiritual gurus, academic professions and all-knowing sages.

In my constant rush through life, trying to sample and savour as much as I possibly can, I wonder…

Am I missing the point?

In what I do and how I live, am I growing wiser?

Then I experience a moment like this.

The whole tribe ventured out to a remote stretch of the coast to learn the art of fishing. Grandad, the leader of our expedition, is legendary for his piscatorial prowess.  Barramundi from Cape York, Summer whiting fresh from sandy beaches, the list of fishing feats goes on.

With those triumphs, comes the getting of wisdom. Today, after setting up the tribe with miniature rods/reels/tackle, Grandad observed the tide was running out.

“It’s better fishing before the tide turns” he said.

“Really Dad? So we should have got moving earlier this morning, so we had a better chance of catching fish?” I asked, my mind filled with the mad rush this morning of getting the tribe moving and on the road.

“Yep mate, it is.  But that’s not the point of today” he noted simply.

Wise words I thought in the comfortable silence that followed.

The morning at the beach was really about spending time together as a family. Enjoying time talking to each other, laughing, relaxing and in amongst it teaching our tribe some new skills and lessons.



A love for the outdoors.

Enjoy xx


Your thoughts?

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