Nature is a brilliant source of inspiration (see here), and that includes all creatures great and small.  Two of my all time faves are owls and foxes. Whether adorning cushions, curtains, wallpaper, or starring as the inspiration for a fab piece of jewellery, owls and foxes rock.

Inspired by foxes and owls (naturally)

From the top (left to right)

1. Retro Owl cushion by seven dandelions (available here)

2. Gorgeous pair of foxy cushions by Robin and Mould (available here

3. Owl and mushroom cushion from freedom (available here)

4. Divine owl necklace by Danielle YC (available here)

5. Foxface necklace (available here)

6. Delightfully foxy duvet set by the lowercase (available here)

7. Owl bandit necklace (available here)

Do you find inspiration in nature? Have you got a favourite little critter?

Enjoy xx

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