A very cluey teacher once told me that the best way to help kids learn to read is to surround them with all things literary.

That includes books and of course the alphabet!

Our tribe is already the proud owner of two sets of alphabet cards, which are much-loved and now showing their age.

Which brings me to Little L and finding some alphabet art for her room.

After some glorious browsing, here is the shortlist for alphabet art… and my first post for the #amonthof series…

Alphabet Art for #amonthof

(from the top – left to right: click on the clickety links for more details)

  1. This Muppet-inspired chart made Little L giggle the first time she saw it (surely a winner!)
  2. Miriam Bereson’s take on the alphabet
  3. How about this gorgeous printable chart for some DIY art
  4. And this cute little take

Enjoy xx


Your thoughts?

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