Enjoying Musee de Rodin in France with the tribe on our 'working holiday'

I grew up in the country. My family moved around a lot and I was lucky enough to live in a string of small towns and far-flung places throughout Australia. From when I was very young I have loved exploring (collecting bugs, spiders, spending hours exploring and inventing elaborate games to play) and creating.  From painting to sewing to writing, I have been dreaming up ways to create new things for as long as I can remember. Wanting to see more of the world, I left the country when I was 17 to head off to university and have spent many years since travelling, studying, writing and exploring. From working in Africa on development projects to studying the impacts of agriculture on the Great Barrier Reef, I have worked as an environmental scientist in the private and research sectors. My little tribe began to arrive on the scene in the midst of all of these adventures, and not wanting to miss out on anything, I have continued my parallel careers in science and art. Nowadays I live in a sunny city in Queensland, and after 20 years as an environmental scientist I am making a change...to teaching! I run my own creative business, This Grand Life.  I am passionate about guiding my four children to explore the world around us and understand nature.  I love sharing my knowledge of the natural world and how environmental science can help us build a more sustainable future for all, inspiring a new generation to care for our planet. My kids are curious, creative and just a little bit naughty sometimes (a lot like me) and together I believe we lead a grand life. Above all else I am an over the top optimist, always seeing the sunny side - which is a good thing – right? Got any questions?   Please check out my FAQs page. Still got a burning questions or maybe a great idea for a post? Please email me via the contact form. Want to advertise your amazing business here? Check out the ‘Sponsor’ page for details. Want to work with me?   Please get in touch via email – kirsty@thisgrandlife.com.au Enjoy xx 10610831_626972084090376_2598969627222573968_n My blog is a collection of thoughts, opinions and a celebration of all that this grand life has to offer. I'd love to hear your comments and thoughts however please treat this as a dinner party with your nearest and dearest (and don't carry on like boozy Aunty Martha). CONTACT ME: To contact me please fill in your details below and hit submit.

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