A good time for boredom?

A good time for boredom?

We have just had school holidays here in (not so) Sunny Perth.

Depending on what you do and where you go on school holidays, that can mean anything from blissed out relaxation (ok that has NEVER happened in our house) right through sheer bloody chaos and mayhem (a little closer to the mark).

In our broader circle of friends, school holidays can also mean a flurry of play-dates, activities, holidays, kids club…WHEW!  Sounds exhausting right?

Things are a little more ‘old school in our house. The kids have access to a whole bunch of toys, games, books, craft gear, not to mention scooters, skate boards, swords (timber of course!) and light sabers.  Oh, and then there is our fabulous dress-up collection. Add to this that the lovely Big A and I do not see ourselves as Entertainment Directors on a cruise ship.

This lack of parental intervention means on a semi-regular basis, there are whiny moans of ‘I’m bored’…

Which for the most part I ignore.


Well,  because as a very smart lady I know once said (thanks Mum), how will kids ever learn to use their imagination unless you let them become bored?

You know what? It works a charm, over the weekend, the tribe got restless, and very BORED. I resisted the urge to come up with a fun activity, or take them out and about.

This is what they came up with… meet ‘Gary’, built over an afternoon by four little kidlets, with sand, weeds, quartz, bougainvillea and leaves.

Meet Gary! Street art born out of boredom...

Meet Gary! Street art born out of boredom…

Enjoy xx

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