This Grand Life out and about...wearing...shock! horror! hand-me-downs!!

This week I introduced the Mini-Fashionista to the fun-filled world of op-shops.  My little future stylist has always had an eye for the unusual, and I’ll readily admit to indulging her somewhat quirky taste (see here). Tutus + converse high-tops? No problem. Equestrian themed ensemble with no pony in sight? Sure. This all gets a little pricey when like me you kitting out a tribe of little people, plus yourself, plus the lovely Big A.  Which is where hand-me-downs and op-shops come into the picture. Right? I remember as a kid, LOVING the hand-me-downs that came my way from my cooler older cousin. Jungle-safari inspired shirt and knickerbockers, green stretchy velvety tube dress, baggy sportsgirl t-shirts, oh the list goes on (please bear in mind it was the 80’s, and these pieces were the HEIGHT of fashion). Have times changed though? Have hand-me-downs become passé? Are op-shops only cool if you are a grown-up and then it is called vintage? Enjoy xx
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