Flashdance - loving a day off... (photo credit to D.Wills)

Flashdance – loving a day off… (photo credit to D.Wills)

Can you remember what you did on your favourite school holidays?

My favourite holidays were the days spent with my sisters and brother running amok in the bush near our house, fishing for crayfish (yabbies), riding our bikes… off bridges,  building campfires, telling scary stories and scaring each other, and generally doing a lot of fun/naughty stuff together. Without my Mum and Dad, and without going away. On a really big day, we’d take lunch with us, and not come home until the sun was setting. Just.

This morning Flashdance, my groove-tastic 6 year old announced he really wanted to ‘just stay at home and have fun’.

That’s it, no request to go to the zoo, shops, out for lunch, just home, his sisters and his brother.

So we did. Apart from walking Charlie the Wonderdog, we have been hanging out at home, and I am pretty sure the kids have had a fab time.  Flashdance has already declared it the ‘best day ever’ (time is a fluid concept when you are 6 you know).

An unexpected benefit? Big A and I have also had a fab day. No rushing around, no fighting between the kids, no long drive to get somewhere as quick as possible… just us, relaxing at home.

Do you love a stay-cation?

Enjoy xx

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