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Is it possible to have it ALL? Our televisions have been bombarded with conflicting messages for the past several years. We should be able to have it ALL.

A glamorous, rewarding career where every day is satisfying and you leave with a sense of fulfilment.

A gorgeous home filled to the brim with styled vignettes, and fresh flowers.

A bunch of happy, contented kids who we spend oodles of quality nurturing time with.

Not to mention a satisfied, caring , considerate partner right there by your side…

This is one of the many big things I was pondering this morning. Along with ‘why are school holidays so long’ and ‘why do I hate folding clothes so much’.

This is all probably driven by  the fact it is ‘performance review’ time in the office.  Well apart from the folding clothes piece, I have pretty much always hated that job.

Do you have a performance review process you go through? It’s part exciting/ part awkward for me each year.  Plus every time I go through the process, I get all philosophical and wonder…is it possible to have it ALL? (note below  I’ve gone back and added my answers…to myself …slightly weird possibly):

Why do I work?  I love the satisfaction I get from my corporate life and my writing. Plus to be honest, I am ambitious, always have been, always will be.  It’s quite possibly in my DNA. Love Mia Freedman’s thoughts in this space

Do I care about my career/s? Yes, sometimes a little too much! I take pride in what I do, so if it weren’t for the lovely tribe, I would probably still be working crazy hours each week. I also care about my team and want to foster their careers too.

Are the kids happy with me working and having a career? Mmmm, tough one.  In short yes, though like all kids the grass is always greener.  My tribe enjoys a great life, have travelled the world, are enjoying a great education, and have a lot of fab opportunities. Another added bonus is that my tribe see me as a Mum/scientist/writer.  Which is sort like an actor/writer but much less glamorous… 

Is the lovely Big A happy that I work? Yes, because it helps to share the load.  I can empathise about the stress of being the ‘breadwinner’ (what a 1950’s phrase that is!) and he can empathise about how tricky/time-consuming/lovely/frustrating the parental duties (eg the school drop-off) can be.

Could I be doing more? Probably. However, one of the fab things about getting a little older is realising that having it all, is, well unique to each person. It’s not a one one-size-fits-all proposition.  

So, for me, having it ALL, is about enjoying the moment I am in.  If I am in the office I will be 100% there, when I am with the tribe I am totally enjoying the moment (ok, maybe not the tantrums!), in essence having it all to me is really about what makes me happy and content.

So can you have it all too? Whether that’s being a career driven super ambitious superwoman or a contented stay at home Mum, or somewhere in the middle, I think it’s really all about whatever makes you happy…


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2 Responses to Career crunch-time – do you choose career, love, life or kids? Is it possible to have it all?

  1. Emma says:

    I really like this blog entry. So true. I often think that I would love to go back to work full-time as I enjoy the challenge but then I want to be a mum full-time. Sorry I correct that, I am a full-time mum but spending 24-7 with them. Ohh the decisions to be made! So I have opted to do a day or two supply work when my other half can have the kids on his days off and be at home for my kids when he is at work. ( Still miss getting my teeth into something challenging rather than changing classes each time). That will come soon enough as my kids seem to grow too quickly. I have learned to enjoy the time that I have with them now and know that this quality time will benefit them in the later on.

    • Kirsty says:

      Thank you! It is hard to find a good balance, but it’s really important to work out what makes you happy. The time does fly by when they are little, and is all too precious! Sounds as though you have found a fab balance which works for you, and at the end of the day that is most important thing. K xx

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