Finding a fab presents for kids, can be plain overwhelming!

Check out any toy department and you are met with a sensory of overload of plastic, characters (what is the deal with Lalaloopsy anyway?), and computer games…

Then there is the fast-moving pace of what is cool.  Does anyone remember care bears and cabbage patch kids now?

So where to start?  We have come up a couple of ideas to inspire you… (see the fab pics above – from the top – left to right). Click on the clickety clicks if you see something you love!

  1. Areaware Cubebot. It’s a robot, who can breakdance, and just plain cool!  Actually I think Big A would love one…
  2. Calafant treehouse. My tribe had loads of fun with one of these last Christmas, hours of fun painting, decorating and then playing with your new creation.
  3. Dreams for your boys print by Almond tree frames. I love this framed print for little boys or adventurous girls
  4. How about a Teepee for the backyard or bedroom?
  5. A crazy kaleidoscope to while away the hours
  6. Early rider bike, a cool way to hit the streets
  7. Classic tunes from Rockabye Baby.  How can you go past Radiohead? This range of cds are a perfect way to introduce your favorite little people to your favorite tunes.

What is on your Christmas list this year for kids?

Enjoy xx

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