Welcome to the blog-o-sphere! (‘welcome mat’ via curbly and Lizzie Ridout)

Blogs. Brilliant, funny, interactive, and constantly changing. There are so many fab blogs nowadays, it’s really hard to know where to start!

It’s a little confusing at first.  When I first dipped my toes in the water (it was mama mia), I was blown away. This was followed closely by Meet Me at Mikes, The Beetle Shack and decor8. So many fab blogs so little time!

Word of warning though, it can be a little like going down a funny, crazy entertaining online rabbit hole. A click here, a link there and before you know you are reading about free-range chickens in Norway or how to crochet a Christmas bauble!

Here a couple of tips and tricks to make your blog-experience easier and, well more fun.

  • Try a fab blog-reader.  I  love Bloglovin’  as you can keep track of your faves, have latest stories/ posts emailed directly to you and also discover new blogs.
  • Check out the links on you newly discovered fave blogs. Most have a list of links, also called a blog-roll over to the side, try homelife, baby mac and letters from the country
  • Comment on a post. Most blogs let you post a comment, your thoughts, ideas, feedback, just keep it nice and constructive though. It’s a case of remembering your manners, and be kind! Look at the bottom of this post and you’ll see what I mean.
  • ‘Like’ a blog or a particular post via social media (eg, Facebook, twitter, pinterest) if you read it and love what you see. This flags it for your friends, but also gives the writer great feedback about what you (the much-loved reader) wants to see more of.  Like I said, blogs are a fast-moving feast, so be part of it!

 Now, it’s time to get cracking, or should that be clicking and get out there!

Enjoy xx


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