Town Hall, York, WA. Also home to a very helpful Info Centre lady!

Whether you own, rent or borrow, a stay in a country house can be like a warm cup of chicken soup. Satisfying, comforting and just plain good for the soul!

Over the weekend we went on a journey/adventure to the gorgeous and quaint little hamlet of York (Western Australia – not the other jazzy/hipster/Broadway one).

Filled to the brim with country goodness, it was a perfect day for some country house day-dreaming. The journey home was filled with grand plans for getting our own piece of country charm…  

Golden fields…literally, York, Western Australia

The Old Mill, a ‘must see’ in York

The Mill, York, Western Australia

Architectural inspiration via The Old Mill (YAWN says the tribe)

Eat your heart out Jeffrey Smart! Design gold at The Old Mill

Flashdance and the Mini-Fashionista conquer their fears and The Suspension Bridge

Even the gumnuts on the ground seem prettier!

Enjoy xx

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