D is for Darren/ aka Daz @ This Grand Life

D is for Daz and his lovely family! Our tribe is forever thankful to Daz and his lovely tribe for making our new (slightly overwhelming) life in France a little less scary, and a whole lot more fun.

So here is my own shout-out to Daz…

  • for sharing our love of Converse and agreeing yes, there is a size and style for every member of the family
  • introducing us to the culinary delights of Buffalo Grill (think Texan grill in France – yes as kooky as it sounds)
  • introducing our taste buds to Cassis, the perfect accompaniment to a glass of bubbles
  • providing Captain Jack with the object of his affection (gazing wistfully into the distance in the picture above)… yes we agree, she is one of the loveliest, prettiest, sweetest, smarted girls in the world. Of course the other one is her little sister, who is top of the list for Flashdance!
  • sharing lots of laughs with your kooky sense of humour and love of the bizarre.

When did you last thank a friend for being there for you?

Enjoy xx

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2 Responses to D is for Darren or Daz (if you are a fan of the Oz nickname): #amonthof

  1. Oh Cassis! Just saying the name out loud takes me back to our travels. Must buy me a bottle!! I have a Daz in my world. He too is heaven. What a lovely space you have here. I look forward to following you on this adventure 🙂

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