Enid Blyton - when I started to believe in fairies...

Enid Blyton – when I started to believe in fairies…

Do you believe in fairies?

My little tribe is of the firm belief that fairies, dragons and unicorns are all areal.

Utterly, totally convinced.

We have a fairy garden in the back yard for the fairies to live in or just take a break on their way to very important business.

Little L and Captain Jack believe that every living creature has feelings, trees, snails, bugs…

We talk about magical creatures as though they are every bit a real as a cat or a dog.  The kids reason, just because you haven’t seen these mystical critters does not mean they don’t exist. It just means that they are very good at hiding. And why not? Since humans can be pretty nasty sometimes to living creatures.

This wholehearted belief in magic and fairies casts a lovely glow of wonder over our home. Treasures are created and left for our little friends in the garden. ‘Signs’ are seen every day, tiny footprints, little flashes of light, shimmering reflections…

I have been asked why we indulge these beliefs, why don’t we teach the kids what is REAL?

It’s simple really.

Because my little tribe believe it to be both real and true.

So why should I question or dismiss what the kids believe in?

In their creative little minds, their beliefs are both real and true.

For me that is as good a reason as any to believe in fairies.

Do you believe in fairies at your place?

Enjoy xx

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