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super spies on the hunt for stolen treasure…

Humans are funny creatures aren’t we?

Despite all of the technology, development and innovation that has occurred, our happiness and security still seems to be linked to a primal desire to be part of a tribe.

Sure we can have the latest car, clothes and phone, but it’s all kind of meaningless unless we feel like we belong.

To a place, or a family or a circle of friends. Maybe its a workplace.

Feeling like you belong is a lot more satisfying than owning the latest flat screen TV. Isn’t it?

It’s easy to lose sight of though. To get caught up in the rush to have everything right now. The latest and greatest. Until you realise that really, what makes you happy is being with people you like, or in a place where you can relax/ have fun, or be inspired by a bunch of folks who’s own thoughts and outlook  resonate with you. It’s kind of magical to watch when a group of people is truly enjoying and thriving in each others company.

I watched my little tribe yesterday as they played one of their seemingly endless array of made-up games, and they were in the moment. Having a ball! Oblivious to everything and everyone around them as they played with a little mate of theirs. The game was super spies, and along with their trusty sniffer dog, (AKA Charlie the Wonderdog) they were on the hunt for some stolen treasure.

No fancy technology, no store-bought board game.

Just having fun with friends.

Next time you are out and about, indulge in a little people watching, and you’ll see what I mean.

How about you, do you feel like you are part of a team? A group? A place?

Enjoy xx

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