Do you have a Wolf Pack?

Do you have a Wolf Pack?

Confession time, I love The Hangover movies.

All of them.

In all of their cringe-worthy, gross and slapstick gold glory.

Every bit.

So much so, in the lead up to watching III, I re-watched I and II and enjoyed both every bit as much as the first time I watched them.

One of the main reasons the idea of a Wolf Pack really strikes a chord.

Do you have a Wolf Pack?

Did you have a Wolf Pack when you were younger?

In hindsight I realise I had two, one from my high school days, when everything was more free, easier, more innocent, and we ran amok. House parties, getting ready together and heading out on the town, brilliant trips away with zero parental supervision (how the hell that happened I do not know!)… Then a debrief the next day fueled by chips and gravy or McDonalds. Teenage gold!

Then I became a member of another Wolf Pack when I started Uni.

Formed in O week (that’s orientation week, a week when you are meant to get to know your uni environment, but most people drink a little bit too much and cut loose) this pack was large and chaotic. Most nights out ended in some kind of crazy/debauchery. The next day would be piecing together how it all went down.

Thank God Facebook didn’t exist.

From releasing chickens into our Hall Tutors room (kind of like the supervisor in our college) to midnight trips to the city to cocktail nights. I remember those nights (some a little fuzzier than others) and it always makes me smile. Golden days which were absolutely brilliant for that time and place, and a core pack of friends who had your back.

Life changes though, and we all move on to new places, partners are found, babies, family, and before you know it you are looking back with rose-coloured glasses.

Which brings me back to The Hangover, I II and III.

I love the relationships within the Wolf Pack, and with the people they collect along the way. It’s laugh out loud funny, but there are also moments of kindness, in a blokey unshaven, hungover way.

Long live the Wolf Pack!

Enjoy xx

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