E is for Eccentric. Nicki Minaj via imdb.com

Today for the #amonthof series, I chose E is for Eccentric! Why? Well, because in our house we embrace the odd, celebrate the kooky and try to make sure our littlest peeps are marching (or dancing) to the beat of their own drum.

No mean feat.

It’s really hard to embrace eccentricity when one of your tribe (Little L – aged 3)  has decided today it would be best to front up to the world dressed as a kooky pop star (thank you Nicki Minaj), complete with pink hair, tutu and tiger sneakers. The slightly-overly-concerned-parent part of me thinks, God, what will people think?  Am I setting her up for piercings at 5, and tattoos at 12? Not that there is anything wrong with either of those life choices, but…not on my little cehrub…just yet.  

Then I think, what if she is the next Nicki Minaj or Lady Gaga, and to her this is normal, and feels right? I read here, that Lady Gaga always felt different, and wanted to be creative. Who am I to curtail any of that freedom of expression?  Ok, so I am her mother, but really will pink hairspray and a tutu set her on a path to rack and ruin? 

Probably not, and in the meantime, she gets to express her own kooky style…

Do you embrace the eccentric?

Enjoy xx

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Your thoughts?

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