The Lumineers – fabulous folk

A perfect excuse to celebrate folk music in all its folky goodness, for todays letter ‘F’ as part of the #amonthof series. ChitChat (VJ/former member of Machine Gun Fellatio – remember them?they were pretty awesome in the day) recently commented that folk music never really goes away, it just falls in and out of favour with the mainstream music industry.  We wholeheartedly agree, and have always had a soft spot for folk.

The This Grand Life top pics for fabulous folk music are:

  • the glorious sounds of First Aid Kit, “Wolf”  have a listen here
  • rousing ballad from Mumford & Sons “I will wait”
  •  Ho hey by the Lumineers

Do you love folk?

Enjoy xx


2 Responses to F is for fabulous folk music: #amonthof

  1. We are huge fans of Mumford & Sons … Little Lion Man is my favourite.

Your thoughts?

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