The tribe getting inspiration for battles at the Musee du Moyen Age, Paris

This morning as the tour bus wound its way to holiday camp, I caught several snippets of awesomeness as the tribe chatted.

My little explorers have a brilliant talkatamillionmilesanhourstreamofconsciousness way of chatting when they are together.  Not so long ago I learn all about Zephyrs and Zeppelins (see here

Today was just as fascinating…it was all about fashion and battles.

The Mini-Fashionista thinks I have great ‘MumStyle’. As she pointed out, you only have to look at the ‘holey shirt’ (read broderie anglaise) Mum is sporting today, plus remember the time Mum wore a ‘birds nest’ (fascinator) in her hair? Also in a battle, the Mini-Fashionista would be awesome, because she is a lady, and ladies see EVERYTHING (‘remember Mum’s eyes in the back of her head’).

Captain’s Jack’s favourite weapon, when he is in battle is a ball and chain.  This is because, ‘it is strong and looks as though it would be good for hitting monsters between the eyes’. Handy in this day and age.

Flashdance used to ‘love pink, then he switched for a while and now loves green and blue, but if something was REALLY cool, and it was pink, he would still love it’. In a battle he would just run ‘really fast’.  It was pointed out this was not a weapon, however Captain Jack then noted ‘it is a really good strategy’.

Little L chose that moment to point out she had accessorised her denim dress for Kindy with ‘a bangle’ (hairband around the wrist), and orange tiger farm shoes. She had also added ‘make-up’ (read honey).  Also her favourite colour was ‘pink’, and ‘butterflies‘ (yes apparently if you are three, butterfly is a colour). Worth noting, that the awesome mother that I am, I had not noticed any of these embellishments until that moment…

Too soon the tour bus reached holiday camp and the tribe piled out. I was left alone in the tour bus in silence.  I turned on the radio, no battle strategies, no fashion debate, just inane chatter about traffic. DULL!

I found myself looking forward to this afternoons return journey in the tour bus…wonder what the topic of conversation will be? Superheroes? Spacesuits?

What does your tribe talk about in the car?

Enjoy xx


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