How to rock a tutu...

Lately I have had a hankering for a fringed suede jacket.  In my head I’ll look very ‘not a care in the world bohemian’. In reality I may end up looking like an op shop reject with a penchant for the worst of the 70s. Nevertheless, the hankering remains. I imagine the outfits that my buttery soft suede Calamity Jane-esque vest would compliment.  With skinny jeans, with a flippy, flouncy floral skirt, maybe with a floral playsuit. You catch my drift.

 Reality is, I know in my heart of hearts I will never purchase this vest.


 It’s a fashion fantasy.

 Am I alone here?  My last fashion fantasy was a floral playsuit, you know, the type that a leggy supermodel could rock. Me? Not so much. Well, apart from in my head, and there, well I totally rock that playsuit, with my strappy St Tropez sandals, with a big floppy straw hat. Again I digress on a fashion fantasy trip.

 Sometimes I am inspired by television, a movie or a fashion mag.  Remember Carrie Bradshaw and THAT tutu.  For months I daydreamed about that tutu (in pale pink of course), and all the fabulous outfits I would assemble using such a versatile piece. Other times I am literally struck by a fashion fantasy lightning bolt.  A few months ago it was a pair of suede brogues with fringing detail.  Oh the outfits I created, roll up my jeans, and voila! Instant Agnes cool.

Today a gold skater skirt caught my eye. Practical? No way!  In my head, gorgeous and perfect with a slinky top? Absolutely…

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