Feeling blessed and grateful (and thanks for the gorgeous flowers)

Feeling blessed and grateful (and thanks for the gorgeous flowers)

For the past two weeks, I have been laid up, literally.

Finally succumbing to age, sport, and possibly a little too much dancing in my 20’s, my right knee finally packed it in.

So I was left with the prospect of a knee reconstruction with four kids, and a full-time job to juggle. No easy feat!

I was more than a little bit panicked about how we would cope as a family.

School drop-offs?

My job that I love? 


Keeping a somewhat clean house?

Enter my lovely family and friends.

Before I even had time to imagine just how tough things could get, my lovely family and friends stepped in. My mum came to stay and help with the kids (even as a 30-something I love having my Mum around, plus she’s awesome with my tribe), my lovely friends helped out with school drop-offs, my workmates wished me a speedy recovery and stepped up to look after our team. 

All in all, I was overwhelmed by the generosity of my loved ones.  In the days that followed the big operation, I even received flowers, chocolates, and trashy mags (who doesn’t love an NW or Womens Weekly when they are under the weather!). Thank you to everyone who wished me well, and sent their love. It meant the world to me!

Now back on my feet, and in the rehab stage of events, I find myself sitting here on this sunny Sunday feeling grateful and truly blessed.

What makes you feel grateful or blessed?

Enjoy xx

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