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I posted earlier in the week about the book for this months Book Club; Fifty Shades of Grey.  Laden with a hefty dose of scepticism, though still trying to be all open and I am sure I’ll get it once I read it, I leapt in to see what all the fuss was about (

It is fair to say, I loathed it.  In fact I actually stopped reading it three times. Then picked it up and tried again.  Stopped again. Finally I decided I just didn’t get it.  So for the first time, ever, I won’t finish a book.  I plan to delete it from my Kindle. Now I am left wondering…

What is all the fuss about?

To me, Fifty Shades of what I shall now call Blah was well, to be polite just not my cup of tea.   Worse though, is that I know so many lovely women, friends, family who have read it, and LOVED it. Loved it so much in fact that they just HAD to own the whole series. That to me is a terrifying thought, not only are there more books in the series, but the next books in the series are probably going to offer more of the same…well, blah.

Even more of a worry, each time each of these lovely women asks what did you think? I will have to respond, not my cup of tea. Definitely whitewashing, and definitely kind of awkward. Why don’t I get it? Why don’t I LOVE it and feel the need to own the entire series?

The whole shebang reminds me of when the English Patient came out. Girlfriends raved about it, you must see it, they would urge. I resisted, it just didn’t seem all that interesting to me. I had absolutely no urge whatsoever to see it. So I didn’t.  I don’t regret that for a moment, I have no desire to understand/see it/experience it/ do anything else with it as I am just not that interested.

I wasn’t so strong in my resolve with Titanic. I gave in to the you must see it reviews, and oh my goodness. That was three hours (or was it seven?) of my life that I will NEVER get back.    I just didn’t get it. What was all the fuss about? Girlfriends would be raving about it, and ask, what did you think?  Hello awkward moment.

So thank you Fifty Shades of Blah, I am now facing a solid stint of awkward moments as I explain, over and over again, that I just don’t get it.

Have you ever had a moment where you just don’t get it?

Enjoy xx

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6 Responses to Fifty Shades of What? Have you ever felt like you just don’t get it?

  1. Janelle says:

    I share your thoughts, it was a whole lot of blah.. I did endevour to read all 3′ but ended up skimming to get the gist of the story and really I just don’t get it either..

  2. Lindy says:

    I think this sums up my thoughts (i had tears of laughter reading this review)

  3. I completely agree – thank god I know someone who feels the same!!

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