Life is actually pretty grand! (the view looks good from here)

Life is actually pretty grand! (the view looks good from here)

Lately my contributions here have been a little on the scant side. Okay,  you could probably hear crickets chirping.

You may ask why?  Or you may not care, because you have your own stuff going down.

Nevertheless, I’ll fill you in…

My world has been batshit crazy.

My world normally skates along the razor-thin edge between batshit crazy and insanely busy, but this past month, we have been living in chaos. Chaos with a twist of bad luck, and a pinch of crap.

Reflecting back, it seems to be the result of a whole bunch of stuff going down, stuff I’m going to label First World Problems.

Drumroll please…

  • My tribe went back to school, which means there are now several separate timetables, and days where everyone has PE/ swimming/ dance/ library/ homework due/ home readers to read/ excursions/  violin lessons… at the same time, with different bits of kits to go with the activity.
  • Which leads me to the kit/uniforms. Love them. Hate the fact that the tribe wears four different uniforms on different days, with different shoes, and other different pieces of kit. Oh, and the fact they lose the kit on a semi-regular basis, and just when I buy a replacement, what do you know? The original surfaces!
  • I have been feeling guilty that I am not making a bigger effort to be more creative in the kitchen. In my defence, previous creative efforts are rewarded with a ‘what the heck is that’ or ‘yuk! I can’t like that’. Also when you arrive home at 6pm with four hungry kids, it’s hard to muster the creativity to boil water, let alone create a culinary sensation.
  • I am not getting to the gym enough.  I am a member of a gorgeous gym, and I love going, but between working, Mum duties, writing and sleeping, I am struggling to find the time. At all. Which makes me more grumpy.

Here’s the thing though that stops me in my tracks from morphing into a whiny whinger (well, apart from this little rant).

These are all First World Problems.  My family lives a comfortable home,  are getting three meals a day (or five for the boys), the tribe go to great schools with loads of resources and have a family network to support them.  I have a great education – which means I have a good job and medical health cover and can provide for my family. I get to write and be creative, which I love.

My family has access to medical aid, clean water, and get to go on camping trips and holidays.

There are millions, billions of people in our world who don’t. Kids who will never get an education, drink clean water or live in a comfortable home.

So really, in the grand scheme of things, we have it pretty good.

I have it pretty good.  And that is what stops me in my tracks and allows me to laugh at what truly are, First World Problems.
Do you have a First World Problem getting you down?

Enjoy xx

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2 Responses to First World Problems: are things really as tough as you think?

  1. Janelle says:

    Have had the opportunity to spend this week in Japan, yesterday was Vernal Equinox Public Holiday where a day is set aside for the admiration of nature and appreciation of living things. It coincides with Cherry Blossoms coming into bloom and signals the start of spring. In days of first world problems it is a refreshing change to experience the simple things in life.

    • Kirsty says:

      Sounds lovely! And it must have been such a beautiful sight to see the cherry blossoms in bloom! What a fabulous way to refresh and appreciate life. K x

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