This morning I spotted a classic scene*. There, in one of the city’s many cool cat cafes were two construction workers, bedecked in the fluoro ‘high-vis’ shirts, sitting right alongside a gorgeous gal in a neon yellow shirt and black skinny jeans. She looked gorgeous by the way. I thought that the citrusy yellow was perfect with the black jeans.

Then I realised it was EXACTLY the same colour as the fluoro high-vis shirts the construction lads were wearing.

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Is neon just a giant fashion con? Are we all victims?

Are we all actually rocking around in high-visibility shirts? (Please note I am the proud owner of a neon yellow cardi, check it out here

Don’t even get me started on high-waisted skirts and pants.  I don’t think there is a single man (fashion designers/ stylists aside) who thinks that high-waisted anything suits anyone!  

What do you think is the biggest fashion con?

Enjoy xx

*I did not take a photo of this scene as a) it would have been an invasion of privacy, and b) nobody wants to be disturbed during their morning coffee to hear about a fashion con, especially the victim and/ or the lads.

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