The Mini-Fashionista -self styled and loving every minute (on holidays in France)

The birthday season is upon us. Filled to the brim with gorgeous gifts, fabulous parties and wardrobe angst.

Not for my little tribe mind you, it’s all emanating from me.

Should I be exerting more control over wardrobe for the crew?

I am the chief buyer/collector/curator for the tribe.  From bringing home quirky finds from my travels (sequinned Converse or French navy duffle coat anyone?) to op shop finds, there is always a good selection on offer.  That’s enough isn’t it?

Take the Mini-Fashionista.  Ignoring her pleas for tiny shorts (thank you Jessica Simpson/Miley Cyrus) and micro skirts, her wardrobe is a standard (though slightly eccentric) mix of eight-year-old garb. Blessed with long limbs and a sense of nonchalance, she now happily styles her own outfits.

Leopard-skin cardi and jodhpurs? Of course! Micro pleat maxi skirt (in silver), St Tropez sandals and a white singlet? Why not!  Add to this final flourishes of scarf/headband/’borrowed’ jewellery…and she thinks she rocks.

Meanwhile, some of the Mini-Fashionistas friends seem to be travelling different paths in style.

  • Mum is still exerting control over my wardrobe (go for it Mums I say, do it while you can) and
  • I want to be like my older sisters/ idolise Monster High/desperately want to be a teenager

When did eight become the new 13?

Does this make me sound incredibly stuffy and eek… old?

I have decided that micro-minis, bra tops and boob tubes can wait. Hopefully indefinitely (let’s face it, can anyone really rock those off a catwalk?).

If not, at least until the Mini-Fashionista turns 13 or maybe 18…

 Enjoy xx


Your thoughts?

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