Hello Friday – it’s fab to see you!  It’s been a rainy, windy, grey kind of week here in normally sunny Perth.

The predication is a rainy, grey kind of weekend.

Good for reading, curling up on the couch, watching movies under your doona/duvet. Not so good for four active little kids who a little prone to cabin fever when cooped up!

Time for a couple of fun and crafty activities to keep the kids amused, and pass the time…

Here is one of our favourites, make your own fab jellyfish.

You’ll need these materials

  • paper plates (cheap paper ones are fine – plus you can let the kids paint them to jazz them up)
  • poster/ craft paint. We mix it up by using some glitter glue and metallic paints. You could also use textas, crayons, pencils.
  • rolls of crepe paper or streamers, again cheap ones are fine.  You can find these at your local supermarket, party supply store or newsagent. Maybe even buy a couple of different types and let the kids experiment.
  • string or fishing line so you hang your jellyfish.

Let’s get started.

1. First give each child a paper plate to paint, front and back. This is also the perfect time to add glitter, stick sparkly pieces of paper on, whatever you like to make a cool jellyfish body and head. When finished, place the plates in a good drying spot, we use a clothes drying rack and pegs for art (easy to clean and creations dry super fast). We also us household sponges with a peg handle (you can see in the picture below) as an easy paint brush for little fingers.

Making our jellyfish bodies...

Making our jellyfish bodies…

2. While the jellyfish bodies are drying, you can get started on the tentacles. Cut 12-15 pieces of crepe paper/ streamers, it’s ok if these are different lengths (it’s can look pretty cool!), aim to make these at least 80cms long so the tentacles can ‘trail behind’ your jellyfish body.

3. Collect your jelly fish body, and carefully using a stapler (grown-up help is a good idea here), attach the tentacles to the body around the outside edge.

4. Now it’s time to add your string or fishing line so you can hang your masterpiece. We experimented a little and found it worked with one hole in the centre or three holes around the outside, so take your pick!

The finished product, a gorgeous school of jellyfish!

The finished product, a gorgeous school of jellyfish!

Ta da! You’re finished!  You can even create a whole school of jellyfish and hang them together.

Enjoy xx

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