Wowsers! What a fab, fab day to be out and about.

I have a habit of cramming in as much exploring as I can each weekend, trying to soak up sun, create new things and spend some good quality time with the tribe along the way.

Today started with what is now becoming part of our West Australian weekend, an early morning trip to the beach. After a couple of long winters in Europe, the whole tribe still seems somewhat starved for sunshine. So whenever we get a chance, it’s straight to the beach. This year the lovely Big A and I are prepping the elder two for nippers/surf lifesaving (it doesn’t get any more Oz than that, does it).

Beach brilliance… 

Staying between the flags, the tribe checks out the surf

Beach time, This Grand Life style

Architectural gold via Cottesloe Surf Lifesaving Club

‘We built a sandcastle with a new friend’

 Sandy and now ravenous (what is it about the sea air?) we headed home to pick up a packed lunch and a good friend, then headed off to our favourite outdoor picnic/adventure spot.

Three hours whizzed by, finding flowers, spotting frogs swimming in the creek, and building, building, building.  I find it amazing and quietly comforting how much my little tribe love being outdoors. No squabbling, bickering or arguing over toys/ tv/ turns. They are far too busy, planning, chatting, experimenting, exploring and generally having a fab time.

Cubby house construction, I think the results are brilliant!

Little L’s gorgeous little toes cooling off in the creek during dam-building

Hope you had a happy Sunday too!

Enjoy xx


Your thoughts?

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