Loosing your street-cred? Walk this way…

Crocs…urghhhhhh!  A few weeks ago I posted I was struggling with a love them/ hate them dilemma on Facebook. Love the practicality and easy peasy on/off features, detest the ugly, clumpy plastic look.

Enter HUGE response!

Who would have known that my lovely friends felt so strongly, about, well, shoes!  Big ugly plasticky type shoes at that.

It all stemmed from me making the BIG decision, to allow my tribe to wear crocs.  To say I am not a fan is an understatement. I put crocs right up there with ‘character’ ties (Bugs Bunny on a tie does not equal cool), and bum-bags.

Seriously NOT cool.

Despite this, I gave in, surrendered my street-cred and each of the tribe now owns and sports a pair of those ugly suckers. Likewise on the character t-shirts front (which I put in the same vein as character ties). I mean why would anyone want to BRAND their child?  Yet, take a peek in the tribes wardrobes and you will find Ben 10, Barbie, Ironman, whatever is hot at the moment plastered across a t-shirt.  My only concession is that they can only wear them as pyjama shirts.  Small victories my friends, and also me clutching at the last shreds of my street-cred.

Have you surrendered your fashion-cred since growing up/having a tribe of your own?

Enjoy xx

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2 Responses to Have you surrendered your street-cred? aka Crocs…love them or hate them?

  1. Fi says:

    It is amazing how much I have given in with Emma. She wears crocs and has quite a collection of them. I also purchased her lala loopsy pjs too. So not cool but alas she loves them.

    • Kirsty says:

      That is the big dilemma isn’t it? They LOVE all those crazy sometimes annoying characters, and we want our littlies to be happy! I am also currently resisting buying a One Direction quilt cover set for the Mini-Fashionista… K xx

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