Capturing the fun!

Capturing the fun! (with help from A Beautiful Mess)

Hope you had a Merry Christmas!

Or Happy Holidays!

Welcome to the end of the year!

Whatever it is you are celebrating, there are bound to be 1001 photos taken, stored, and well, that can sometimes be it…

Instead of just filing those awesome pics away under ‘December 2013’ why not try out some of the latest ideas, apps and websites to create something a little different.

Here’s our top 5 faves at the moment:

  • Create a photo book. We’ve used Kikki K to produce and send some fab photo books, a perfect gift, keepsake, and a great crafty project to get the kids involved.  The software is free and easy peasy, and the production quality is beautiful. Plus as my talented friend Tasmin Brown pointed out today, get some of the those holiday memories printed!
  • Instagram it!  The bonus is you can ‘follow’ a bunch of other cool folks with gorgeous photo-streams.
  • A Beautiful Mess, brilliant app that allows you to create collages, customise pics, create fab posters, screen savers and much more.
  • Flipagram – Loads of fun!  This easy to use app helps you combine your pics and music into an easy to share movie. Another great one for the kids to have a go at.
  • Print a custom calendar, mug, mousepad, t-shirt.  Sure it’s kitsch, but it can also be super-cute!  Try Vista Print for great prices on mugs and calendars, DIY photo paper (available from Officeworks) for fab t-shirts making, or send off a pic to Charlie and Rosie a  fab small businesses which can create  gorgeous personal keepsake.

Enjoy xx

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