Can you think of a better way to spend a sunny Monday than taking a trip to the Royal Show?

The tribe, the lovely Big A and I headed off bright and early this morning, with a solid list to ‘to dos/ to sees in mind.  It went something like this…

LIttle L – baby chicks (to cuddle of course)

Flashdance – baby chicks (more cuddle time), and maybe some chocolate

Captain Jack – pigeons and poultry pavilion (I still have no idea what inspired this!!)

Mini-Fashionista – baby chicks (can you see a pattern here?), horses

Me – the craft pavilion

Big A – wood chopping and the horses

Whew!  It’s exhausting just to read, and add to that a REALLY hot day…and it could have all gone pear-shaped so easily.

Oh, and add to that our own ‘rules’. Big A and I decided that the show should be about reconnecting with the country (did you know about the Year of the Farmer? click here for more info, seeing how food is made, having fun, and spending a day exploring as a family.  Oh, and no junk food.  Reading that back now it sounds a little ‘preachy’ doesn’t it! Still, we decided to stand strong in the face of fairy floss, plastic filled showbags and loads of gadgetry/wizardry type stuff.

Packed lunches and lots of water in hand, off we went to the show…

Hurrah! It’s showtime in Perth!

Lavender and lovely produce on show in the agricultural pavilion

Camel rides + Ferris Wheel = Showtime Gold

Prize-winning patchwork at the Craft Pavilion

Inspiring equestrian daydreams via the Royal Show

The whole tribe had a cracker of a day, with everyone getting their fill of country fun!  In fact, everyone has such a good day, that I am pretty sure I will have to get some chickens soon, and maybe a Shire horse or two…

Do you go the show?  What’s your favourite thing to do or see?

Enjoy xx

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