Today is one of my favorite topics…imagination!  A perfect fit for my contribution to the #amonthof series, as I am a HUGE fan of imagination.

the power of imagination via Einstein (via

I find it fascinating watching my little tribe use their imaginations, and how carried away they can get…

Today is a perfect illustration.

Little L discovered (imagined) that there was a rat living in her bedroom.  He was a friendly cuddly rat though, and she was pretty sure he was living happily amongst her teddies and dolls.

Captain Jack and Flashdance became so caught up in the story, they ran off to get torches and ‘bait’ to catch the rat, so they could send the furry little fellow off to a more rat-friendly place.  Which of course was a sewer.

So armed with ‘sewer colored bait’, a bucket filled with rat water (to make the rat feel like he was going to his more homely sewer) and some high-tech catching gear (buckets, blankets to keep him warm, etc), they headed into Little L’s room. They also created some nifty ‘wanted posters’ (check them out below…

I is for Imagination: Furry Rat Wanted Posters by This Grand Life

The great rat relocation went on for most of this morning, with the whole tribe searching high and low, chatting about how happy the rat would be in his new home, how they would probably make a great team if we ever found another rat (imaginary of course)…

I am in total awe of how powerful their imaginations were, and it was great inspiration for the whole tribe.

Enjoy xx

PS we did for a brief moment, consider that there may be a real rat, so a quick search was done, then concluded when Little L informed us that the rat was actually magic and also invisible… Phew!


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