Fab finds: art and colour (see below for details)

Fab finds: art and colour (see below for details of where you can find each gorgeous piece)

One of the driving forces for owning my own home is the ability to hang art wherever I please. My dream home would have endless walls and space to hang art, prints, watercolours, and the flexibility to move my brilliant collection around to create inspirational spaces. This is one of the many reasons I love Fenton and Fenton! Living in a space surrounded by a collection of beautiful objects that you can change, and move to create gorgeous vignettes of found objects must make for an inspirational way of living.

For me, as a mere mortal with a somewhat limited budget and four little helpers (who can be a little messy plus accidents do happen occasionally), it’s more challenging to find ways to inject fun and colour into our home.  With this in mind, I set myself a challenge to find seven fab pieces to get your creative juices flowing without breaking the bank.

1. Travel West by the wheat field  via here on Etsy

2. Poplar Slate print, from Urban Road

3. Fabulous zebras by the very talented Jessie Breakwell’s jungle series

4. The Truth Will Set You Free by Urban Road

5. Gorgeous Floral Elephant by Be Wild and Free  via Etsy

6. I Love You Alphabet by 2142 Stuart  via Etsy

7.New York City Manhattan Skyline by idillard via Etsy

Enjoy xx

*PS – in case you’re wondering, this is not a sponsored post, simply a collection of gorgeous prints and art that I have found and love.

Your thoughts?

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