Today J is for Jigsaw, and is a fab excuse to celebrate my love for puzzles and problems. Here are a couple of our faves…

Jigsaw gold! Owls (via Dwell), and Jungle Animals and Horse Riding (via Djeco)

Hopefully, I have passed on my love of solving puzzles to the tribe. Given their love of jigsaws I am pretty sure I am on my way.

I think completing a jigsaw puzzle can teach my tribe a whole lot of valuable lessons, problem-solving, perseverance, getting satisfaction from completing a task, team work, the list goes on…

Earlier this year, whilst holed up in Chateau Leckie (our lovely old rambling house in not so sunny France) during a cold snap, we replenished our supply of jigsaws. It was the prefect activity for the whole tribe to while away a few hours without getting cabin fever. Even my lovely Mum got into the spirit, and completed this gorgeous (yet very tricky) masterpiece.

Mona Lisa jigsaw gold @ This Grand Life

 Do you love jigsaws?

Enjoy xx


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