a dreamy kaftan by the queen of kaftans Camilla Franks

I am totally sitting on the fashion fence on this one! 

I see glam ladies rocking a kaftan, and think, yes that could be me. Strolling along the beach, kaftan billowing in the breeze, looking every bit the India Hicks/Elle Macpherson-esque bohemian lady.

Reality seems to be completely different!

For starters where do you get those kaftans??  Everyone I have tried on looks like a sac, which then clings in all the wrong places, and worse is not cool and breezy. It is hot, clingy, and makes me feel a little, well, blah!

Then, apart from on the beach, where else do you wear your kaftan?

You can’t wear your kaftan to work (well unless you work in a kaftan shop I guess).

You can’t wear your kaftan to the school pick up (unless you live in the Bahamas and India Hicks happens to be your neighbour from the  island next door).

You can’t wear it shopping (unless you are in the Bahamas and you have run out of tropical provisions or other essential Bohemian lifestyle supplies).

Which leaves me back at the beginning…to kaftan or not to kaftan? That is this weeks fashion conundrum…

Enjoy xx

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