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Are you having a fab life yet? This is (not) what we do daily…

Having a fabulous life?  Living your life to the max?

A lovely girlfriend commented to me yesterday that she felt she had been too honest, even brutal when she described her family holiday. Put simply, the family holiday had been a camping trip, where it was way too hot, the kids were a bit of a nightmare at times, and they had quite a lot of time hanging out at the beach doing nothing.  All in all, not bad.

She was feeling pretty good about this, until she spotted a friends update on Facebook, regaling the Facebook community of friends about how she’d taking her family looking at beautiful caves, fishing, for a fabulous alfresco lunch (which was prepared fresh with organic produce), and how her children were a delightful giggly bunch of well-behaved goodness.  In one day. In the same sweltering weather. 

She wondered how on earth anyone could possibly fit all of that in, and end up with a happy tribe at the end of the day?

Or was this perhaps an edited version of the day? A Facebook friendly account of what had taken place?

I’ve been guilty of ‘styling’ the odd photo or two.  Slightly rearranging a ‘spontaneous’ moment… Have you?

Burnt from an earlier experience of posting on Facebook years ago, that I was ‘shattered’ after a long day at work, whilst pregnant, and chasing after two toddlers, I am now a little more cautious. That day, when Facebook prompted me with ‘how do you feel’, I was brutally honest. I felt shattered, meaning tired, grumpy and, well, a wee bit exhausted. So, I said how I really felt.  Without delving back into it, let’s just say I copped a bit of flak.  About being too honest, that people may worry when they read my status, and it may be misinterpreted.

All good points.

However, I wonder, who are we kidding when we present a glowing, every day is a pleasure account of our lives? The lovely Mia Freedman wrote a fab column on the weekend about prefect parenting, and how not every moment is sheer pleasure.  I read her column whilst picking up two takeaway coffees savouring the ‘quiet time’ away from the tribe.

I vote for more honesty. While I am still firm advocate for seeing the upside in the everyday, I think a side-serve of honesty would help us all.

Enjoy xx

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