The Casual Vacancy: Book club time @ This Grand Life

Book club time again, and this month we have been reading the brilliant new offering from JK Rowling, The Casual Vacancy. minutiae

The reviews from the ladies have bene mixed, and tonight over a glass of wine or two we will chat about what we loved, hated and gained from the experience of reading this little gem (well in my opinion at least).

This got me thinking about small town life. If you haven’t read The Casual Vacancy, it centres around the life and times of the good folk of Pagford, a little village where all is not as it seems.  This struck a chord with me as I grew up in little towns like this, where everyone knew what everyone else was doing, all the time or so we thought.  Being under the microscope on a constant basis can make people react in strange ways. It is hard to fade into the background in a town of 300 people, or a class of 15 children. Likewise, if you shine at something, you are positively stellar in the gloriously small world you are inhabiting. 

A big city, filled to the brim with people leading their own busy chaotic lives can be downright overwhelming.  The upside is broader perspective and a chance to be yourself unencumbered by the constant concentrated attention from your neighbours.

This leaves me torn between the two worlds of a small town versus a thriving metropolis. 

I miss the familiarity of everyone knowing my family and remembering how things were.

Though I love the constant ebb and flow of people/places/ things to do that a city provides.

Do you live in a small town? Or a city? Do you love it or are you yearning to escape?

Enjoy xx


2 Responses to Life in a small town: bliss or nightmare? Welcome to Pagford!

  1. Emma says:

    Coming from one of the same small towns that you lived in, I understand where you are coming from. I enjoyed the small town lifestyle and continued to live in different ones after leaving high school and university. My thoughts….. that large cities are just like lots of small towns all in one. You live there for a while, you make friends, you have acquaintances and they all seem to have an opinion on your life at some point. Like small towns they are vocal to some degree, to somebody about something you may or may not have done. The truth always lies within and your close friends, so wherever you may be, small town or city I don’t think it really matters if you are true to yourself. In saying that, it is nice to escape to either to not know anyone once in a while. By the way, I haven’t read the book yet.

    • Kirsty says:

      Oh I agree! Friends become your community or your communtity is made up of your friends. No matter which way you look at it, there’s a lot of value in being part of your local community, big or small. I still wonder though if my tribe are missing out on something (that familiarity etc) from living in big cities? K x

Your thoughts?

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