I love my little tribe, but I would also love some more ‘me-time’…

I have noticed over the years that as my life becomes busier, the amount of ‘me-time’ I have seems to have been fallen..dramatically!

Which is fine with me.

Most of the time.

Until I am reminded its good for the soul to take  time out, to as a friend puts it, ‘take care of yourself’.

How often do you take time out?  Do you block out time in your diary/calendar to ‘take care of yourself’?

My time out can fall into a couple of different categories:

  • Quiet time: a cup of tea, a good book and a place where I can’t be disturbed. A rare treat with my little tribe!
  • Pampering time: I always seem to busy, busy, busy to call in to the make-up counter or visit the beauty parlour (I wish old-style beauty parlours still existed, don’t you?) regularly so instead I have come to rely on new sources of great tips from some ladies who are in the know. Try these out and you’ll see what I mean…



  • Learning time. Yes, as a self-confessed geek, I LOVE to learn.  The latest one was completing an MBA. Completely bonkers on the face of it!  Wasn’t I ‘busy’ enough with the tribe, my corporate career, my freelance writing, friends, etc, etc, etc.  Truth is, it was energizing to spend time with a bunch of different people and learn and talk about new ideas and ways of thinking. I just joined a super-fab blog school, run by the lovely/generous Pip Lincolne for the same reason http://justbaustralia.com.au/be-smart/blog-school-how-to-start-a-blog-20778/).  A great way to spend time learning about something I love, and meet some fab new friends to boot!

What do you do to take time out? 

Enjoy xx

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2 Responses to Living a Grand life: do you take time out…just for you?

  1. Love Sundays says:

    I know what you mean. We have recently had our 4th gorgeous baby and life is so busy and I am already working a few hours here or there and wanting to make more time to blog and sew for me. Routine etc is such a wonderful thing but so easily goes out the window too, so we can only try. I do always manage to get my hair cut regularly and a little wax, usually on my own, hubby is great, I just need to give him the dates in advance so he can make sure he is around.
    If we continue to try and have some ‘me’ time it usually comes around in the end, even if its just a walk, and even then you have to just laugh when you head off, and then one of the kids run after, ‘can I come too?’ How do you say no. Gotta love it!

    • Kirsty says:

      Thank you and brilliant, I agree! I can’t help but laugh whenever I hear a little voice calling ‘wait for me’…just after I have announced:’Righto, Mum needs a break!’. I think four babies is awesome by the way, it’s mad, fun and sometimes organised chaos each and every day…congratulations! K xx

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