How about a beach soirée? This Grand Life at Bunker Bay, Western Australia

The weather is warming up, and Christmas is creeping closer and as happens every year, we begin to try to catch up with EVERYONE BEFORE CHRISTMAS.


Honestly I have absolutely no idea why.

I mean, what happens after Christmas?  We are all still here, ready to catch up.  It’s highly likely we will need that glass of wine and a gossip even more after the drama and family shenanigans that Christmas can serve up.

And yet, we rush each year to catch up with everyone BEFORE Christmas.

Kind of crazy, but also a great opportunity to host a cocktail soirée (yes calling it a soirée definitely makes it more fancy).

The lovely Big A and I are huge fans of the cocktail soirée, and have hosted quite a few over the years, learning a whole lot of lessons along the way. Plus a few key tricks… So today as I plan a couple of soirées to catch up with everyone BEFORE Christmas (ahh, see, old habits die hard), I thought I’d share a couple of tricks and tips.

  • Hire a babysitter. If there are kidlets involved (yours or your friends/ family), this is a no-brainer if you are hosting at home.  Happy kids = happy host. Simple.
  • Seriously consider hosting away from home.  We have had some smashing successes over the years by playing away from home. Less fuss, less mess and surprisingly easy on the wallet (draw up a budget and you’ll see what I mean).
  • If you are at home, ask for help.  Whether it’s help on the set-up, serving, clean up, your friends and family will always pitch in (especially if there is a cold glass of champers/ beer on offer).  Just ask.
  • Keep it simple and classic. Champers in steel ice buckets, cold beer on ice for the lads, consider canapés off the BBQ/ grill (lads love their BBQs), tea-lights and lanterns to decorate and light the way.   Look here for more inspiration…
  • Lastly take the time to enjoy!  Don’t get so caught up in being the perfect host that you forget to have fun.  I know that sounds preachy, but the whole hosting gig can get leave you a little stressed, so make sure you try to relax, enjoy and have fun!

Have you got any tips for a great cocktail party, sorry, soirée ?

Enjoy xx

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