This Grand Life in the corporate world

Are you lucky enough to have a career or a job?

I have a career and a job (in the corporate world: scientist/manager, and in the creative world: writer/designer).

Which I have to admit is a pretty sweet spot to be in!

It’s also chaotic, insanely busy and generally all-round full-on.

Today though I heard a comment that kind of got me a little shall we say, tetchy…

I am lucky to be where I am.

Is it really luck? I think it’s actually a whole lot of hard work and continually trying to maintain a passion for what I do. There is also maybe a smidge of kismet (ok so that is a fancy word for admitting to a little luck) involved.

Keeping the career flame alive through having four children, moving around the country and internationally, not to mention two GFCs (the fancy acronym for Global Financial Crisis), and three university degrees has been exciting/gruelling and thoroughly rewarding. Sometimes all at the same time.

See, not luck, just plain old vanilla hard work.

What do you think?  Do we make your own good fortune and happiness? Or is it just luck?

Enjoy xx

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Your thoughts?

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