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One of my fave childhood memories is watching The Muppets with my sisters and brother.  Sure we didn’t get all the jokes, but we thought it was REALLY funny, and right up there with Fraggle Rock (remember that show? Gold!).

My little tribe is now discovering how funny The Muppets are. Driven by the awfulness of French tv this year (truly awful programming at times – sorry French amies), we have sought out, collected and watched the whole series. It is still REALLY funny, though now the kids get some of the jokes and I don’t!  Turns out the Muppets was a really cheeky show all round (watch an episode now and see if you can spot the innuendo aimed at the grown ups).

So here’s to the Muppets, including the independent, bolshy Miss Piggy, the long-suffering CEOof the crew: Kermit, and Animal with the crazy hair and wicked beats!

Enjoy xx

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2 Responses to M is for Muppets: # amonthof

  1. HomeleaLass says:

    I love the muppets – always have and always will! And I love the new Muppet movie, it makes me happy.

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