Sometimes we have to do scary stuff!  It's nice to have friends to help...

Sometimes we have to do scary stuff! It’s nice to have friends to help…

The past few weeks have been crazy busy, and a big part of the craziness has been two of my tribe starting at a new school.  Both Flashdance and Captain Jack have coped amazingly well, and we’ve watch with pride as they have made new friends, and settled into their new classes.

What I hadn’t anticipated was how nervous I would be. I had possibly chosen to forget how nervous I get when meeting new people.

I became the new kid, and each time I had a school event, drop off, birthday party, I would get butterflies in my stomach. 

What if I didn’t know anyone?

What if we had nothing in common?

What if I didn’t ‘click’ with anyone?

All of this came to a head when Big A and I were invited to the parents association ball.  Promising to be an amazing night, this black tie event had me quietly petrified. All the ‘what ifs’ came bubbling to the surface, and then some.  By the time the night rolled around, I was having second thoughts about even going.  Then I decided to knuckle down, and, well, basically get over myself.  After all, so far, everyone had been incredibly friendly, and a lovely new-found friend had invited us to join her table.  We couldn’t have asked for a warmer welcome.

So, the tall lad and I frocked up (well I frocked up, he chose the B&W route), and off we went. In short, we had a ball.  Brilliant fun, fab food, and spine tingling entertainment (the pipe band – beyond words amazing).  The best part?

The newly minted friends we made. 

At the end of the night, we both jumped into the cab declaring it to be one of the best nights out in a long while.

 I was quietly proud of myself for frocking up and getting on with it.  Next stop, the Mothers Auxiliary fashion parade…

Enjoy xx

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