Selecting some new art with the tribe in Giverny

Today I donated two much-loved dolls strollers to charity. The tribe had outgrown both strollers, and those sweet little ‘teddy chariots’ had now become ‘stuff’. From today, with their new lease on life, once again, the two little strollers can tote around precious teddy bears, puppies and dolls for their soon-to-be new owners.

This got me thinking, at what point in your life did you start accumulating stuff?

Was it when you first flew the coop?

Nabbed your own room growing up?

How much value do you place on your stuff, the material accoutrements in your life?

For me its easy come, easy go…

My most precious possessions are, as corny as it sounds, my little tribe.

That’s not to say I don’t care about what I have. I do. It’s just always seemed a little odd to love objects so much.

When the tribe and I left Australia’s fair shores a few years ago, I gave away/sold/donated over half the families worldly possessions.

I wanted to travel ‘light’. An oxymoron really for a family of six. Despite this, I did my best, travelled light and it felt…liberating.

When I arrived back from our Parisian sojourn this year I had no regrets. I didn’t think about all the stuff we had before we left.    Our little tribe had grown, changed and moved on. Our stuff had not changed, it was still stuck as a kind of temporal marker and reminder of where we had been.  Over the course of our travels, we had acquired/found/bought/created new treasures.

Turns out your home is your home, with or without the stuff.

Enjoy xx


Your thoughts?

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