Time to reflect @ This Grand Life

Time to reflect @ This Grand Life

Perfect time (and a break from the # amonthof series) today as I reflect on the year and the concept of ‘me-time’…

One of the toughest things to maintain when life gets a little more tricky seems to be ‘me-time’.  Do you find that too?

I have scoffed at this more than once, as the notion that I would ever need to take time out for me seems kind of irrelevant.  Whenever I think of ‘me-time’, I picture ladies getting their hair set (bizarrely 1950’s I know) or getting their nails done while gossiping about inane, boring, meaningless topics… Seriously not me.

Yet here I find myself in serious need of some me-time, at the worst possible time, Christmas, when you are meant to selfless and giving, and well that doesn’t leave a whole lot of time for ‘me-time’.

Why now? I guess it’s because this year, I have been

  • trying to take care of the health and welfare of my little tribe (don’t we all) we crossed the globe and settled into a new home,
  • trying to be a good sister and daughter we welcomes two gorgeous little cherubs, and navigated our way through the usual family shenanigans
  • trying to be a positive and engaged role model to my brilliant team in my professional world.

Add in finishing a Master’s degree, and trying to stay fit and healthy, and well, I am shattered!  Which brings me back to ‘me-time’ and the need to re-charge, which feels incredibly self-indulgent, and fills my heart with a motherload of guilt… and yet that is exactly what I would like this holiday season.

A little piece of ‘me-time’, to be selfish, recharge my batteries and prepare myself for next year.

Do you crave ‘me-time’?

Enjoy xx


2 Responses to Me-time and the motherload of guilt: do you crave a little more time for yourself?

  1. Mummafox says:

    Oh me time is lovely, much needed and hard to find. I hope you allow yourself te to self indulge over this silly festive season.

    • Kirsty says:

      Today I did exactly that, just a brief 20 min sojourn, to relax, have a chai latte and enjoy the peace! Heaven! Hope you find some time and space for a little relaxing too! K x

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