The tribe hitting the sweet spot…aka relaxing...

The tribe hitting the sweet spot…aka relaxing…

We are now squarely in the midst of the school holidays, which from what I remember as a kid is the best part of the whole shebang.

At the beginning of the holidays you are still thinking of school.

Maybe you had a big end of the year.

Maybe super stressful exams.

Whatever it was, school was likely to have been still on your mind.

Then come the end of the holidays you are starting to think about school again.

Who will your new teacher be?

Will your mates be in your class?

Maybe it’s a big change – primary school to high school?

Middle of the holidays though, is the sweet spot.

End of school is a distant memory, and the next year is still ages away.

There are just days, and days, of well, doing your own thing.

As much or as little as you like.

In our house it’s a time to recharge everyones batteries, and do your own thing.

Want to go swimming every day? No problem.

Want to lay around and read all day – go for your life.

Welcome to the sweet spot!

How are your school holidays going?

Enjoy xx

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