O is for Oliver! trying out a 15 minute meal tonight @ This Grand Life

I've always had a soft spot for Jamie Oliver, from his first forays as a tv chef, to his crusade for healthy eating and to bringing cooking top notch food to the masses. Then there's his gorgeous wife, and gaggle of cute kids with kooky names. *Sigh* So I am really excited by the lovely Mr Olivers latest offering. It's the 15 minute cookbook and cooking show. Simple, and ready in only 15 minutes! Perfect! Inspired by a talented foodie friend, who regularly regales me with tales of the delicious treats she has whipped up in the kitchen, I have decided I need to take to the kitchen to whip up a culinary creation of my own. You know, rather than the stand fare. Not that there is anything wrong with potato bake, casseroles, and steak and salad (yes, yes, I know, very fancy). I have been warned by my talented friend, who after two recipes from the book, scoffed '15 minutes my a$#@ Jamie Oliver, more like 45!' So tonight we are trying this recipe... I hope you aren't leading me up the garden path lovely Jamie... Wish me luck! Enjoy xx PS this is NOT a sponsored post, in fact if it does indeed take 45 minutes to cook this recipe, I reserve the right to re-gift my 15 minute book...
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