Pocket money time!  This little guy is available from The Pig Pen via Etsy

Pocket money time! This little guy is available from The Pig Pen via Etsy

Happy Sunday!

Sunday to me means late breakfast, kids sport (hello soccer Mum & Dad), and time to clean up.

With four kids, two adults, a dog, not to mention two full-time jobs, one business (that’d be here folks), clean up at the end of the week means a lot of mess and chaos!

When the tribe were little, the lovely Big A would take all the bubs out for a few hours while I cleaned up solo.  Sounds very 1950s doesn’t it!  Despite being a little retro (in a housewifey way), it was a great way to get on top of things again, no litttlies underfoot, and Big A got a coffee. Win-win!

As the tribe have grown up a little, I have changed my tune.  I decided it was important for all of the kids (yep, boys and girls, though I think that should go without saying) should learn how to clean up, and how much effort goes into keeping the house clean. Hand in hand with my change in attitude towards cleaning (goodbye solo approach)  has  been the introduction of pocket-money.

Here’s my system, Sunday is ‘job jar’ day.  Every member of the tribe gets a jar with their name on it, and every job they do is worth money.  The amount depends on the job.  Cleaning the windows is a 50c job, while cleaning the table is 20c. Our key bits of cleaning kit are Method spray (no not a sponsored pots, but this stuff is all natural so no nasties), water, paper towel and baby wipes (which are awesome for cleaning and can remove anything off anything).

Two things about ‘job jar’ day constantly amaze me:

  1. The kids actually do a pretty good job, which means less cleaning for me to do by myself.  Windows are cleaner, bathroom is more sparkly, what’s not to like about that?
  2. The money they earn is then spent very carefully, because they worked hard to get it.  All of a sudden that $5 trashie (this is the latest thing for the boys, who knew ‘trash’ was so much fun!) is not looking as attractive.

Job jar money = a weeks pocket-money. Simple.

Do you have a system for pocket-money?  What is your going rate?

Enjoy xx

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2 Responses to Pocket money, and teaching your kids about the value of money

  1. Becky says:

    I responded with the following to a post about pocket money in an online mum’s group recently –
    Ruby complained about her couple of small jobs one day a couple of years ago, so we sat down together and made a list. We made 2 columns on a piece of paper and we each listed all the jobs we do around the house in a column each. As you can imagine, my list was much, much longer. Ruby took the initiative to cross some things off my list and add them to hers. It was a good way to see the workload of running a household. She now cleans the bathroom weekly, walks the dog, puts away clean dishes, puts washing on/hangs/gets off/folds/puts away, shovels dog poo, helps with dinner when needed, and keeps her room tidy.
    Ruby doesn’t get regular pocket money, her weekly jobs are her contribution to our happy home (and happy mummy). If she needs/wants money for something, she will ask if she can do extra jobs for cash. I am very stingey with how much I give her though, as no-one is EVER going to pay you to fold washing or clean the bathroom in the the real world!

    • Kirsty says:

      Brilliant approach! What a great idea to compile a mega list, love it! Thank you for such a thoughtful response, I really appreciate it. K x

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