Captain Jack and Frashdance off the beaten track...

The notion of an adventurer conjures up images of Amelia Earhart, Indiana Jones and Lara Croft.

Ok, so the last one is a little corny, but you have to admit that the lady cast one very cool adventurer shadow.

It’s also one of my (many) alternative/ dream professions. Right up there with biodynamic farmer, eccentric science/art teacher and jet fighter pilot, being an adventurer has a major appeal.

If I am honest with myself it is at the top of the list.

Today I was wondering if the days of adventurers are numbered. The advent of mobile GPS and social media mean that as an adventurer it would now be pretty difficult to go ‘off the grid’ and into ‘uncharted territory’.

Has technology taken away our spirit of adventure? What are the chances these days of stumbling across a cool little bar in Paris when your iPhone can tell you where to go? How can you go off the beaten track if your GPS keeps giving you all the directions?

I have decided to take the tribe off the grid next year for a few weeks to go on an adventure, no plan, no GPS, just us. Then, just for a few weeks at least I can embrace the spirit of Lara, albeit without the hotpants!

Enjoy xx


Your thoughts?

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