I love the new crop of quirky heroes on the scene!

From Benedict Cumberbatchs intense take on Sherlock to Jennifer Lawrences kick-arse Katniss, being the odd-one-out is now cooler than it has ever been before.

Good news if you’re slightly left of centre.  For my little tribe, it’s even better. Blessed (cursed?) with two slightly oddball parents, they are growing up in a house with a large collection of sci-fi, a Star Wars chess set and somewhat eclectic wardrobes (sequins deemed ok for daytime).

That’s just the beginning.

Over the years, we’ve encouraged interests in palaeontology, medieval weapons and Impressionism.

 Now, with quirky being the new cool, I have another reason to take pride in enouraging my little tribe to follow the path less travelled and follow their hearts.

Flashdance and Captain Jack learning how to fire a trebuchet in France

 So I say embrace the kooky and quirky, go forth and be different.

 Enjoy xx


Your thoughts?

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