Today I got to thinking about music and one of the absolute FAVE bands, the Rolling Stones for my entry for ‘R’ in the #amonth of series.

This is probably a result of spending a LOT of time in the tour bus with the tribe (mine that is, not Mick and the boys, though am not sure which would be more chaotic).  The Mini-Fashionista is predictably loving 1D (that’s One Direction for all you old peeps not in the know, and a band I rate ever so slightly above Justin Bieber, eg mind-numbingly catchy boppy rubbishy tunes), Little L loves Nicki Minaj (seriously not age appropriate I know – and tricky to find some PG rated versions), Captain Jack is into folk (of Monsters and Men) and Flashdance is keeping it real with Daft Punk, and …the Rolling Stones.

The little champ has done us proud by embracing some old school cool, and donning my iPod in the car so he can listen to his tunes.

A little earlier in the year, I wrote about our fave tracks, and it is a constant ‘battle of the bands’ in the tour bus, one stereo + 6 unique peeps = disgruntled punters.

So for the letter ‘R’ I wanted to celebrate old school cool and give kudos to Flashdance for loving the Rolling Stones.

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